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Sacred Ceremonies customized for you
by Capital Region Weddings

Our vision is to create an effective empowering ceremony
that embraces your Divinity and thereby demonstrates the truth of your divine potential through the love you have manifested.

Creative celebration solutions from Capital Region Weddings


and other support

Capital Region Weddings is able to provide solutions, recommend vendors, and additional support to ease your stress and insure success!

Capital Region Weddings is willing and able to fly anywhere to perform your nuptials.


& celebrant services in exotic locations

Do you want to have a wedding in New Zealand? Or on a balloon? Call us to arrange your wedding your way, where you want. Book a consultation NOW! We can make custom arrangements for a divine wedding anywhere!

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Simple Secrets to Soulful Connection

The Divine Path is the Path of the Heart We offer classes to explore the universal keys that open the doors to higher consciousness Create lasting Love Counseling is not required, yet available when desired